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Working from home? It isn’t always easy…

I have been working from a home office for over 9 years, and the current situation has made this more common than ever before.

Moving to a home based workspace was not easy, and I did have a lot of struggles. I thought I would share some of my personal tips and tricks to see if they help others navigate these new situations.

  1. Do not work in your pajamas. Get up, get dressed and do your normal pre-work routine. It’s hard to be productive when you are dressed for Netflix binging.
  2. Invest in a dedicated workspace (not your kitchen table) – and make it your own. It will have to be pleasant for you, and be professional enough for online video meetings.
  3. Take regular breaks – get up and move away from your work area, but make sure you give yourself a time limit to return. I take regular lunches, I set my alarm for breaks (during which I usually switch the laundry) and I stick to my schedule.
  4. Do not Disturb! – When you are working, you’re working. When you are in your living space you are not. When you work from home, it is easy for business to consume your personal time, especially with our phones that are always ‘on’. Define your time, and don’t let it overlap.
  5. Pick your background noise. Make your work playlist; listen to your favorite television show, whatever you need to concentrate. I can’t listen to music when I work, but I can listen to old television shows that I have seen many times. It is comforting background noise, and a subconscious que to focus on work.

It took awhile to find my work grove, and now it is a habit. I love working from home, and I embrace all of its challenges and benefits!

Stay tuned and I will share more information about my office and my new staff member shortly!