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Congratulations! What an adventure – here are some tips that may help get you started and focused!

  • Define your vision – this is your business, make it personal and make it shine!
  • Research your market opportunity – there are many community supports that can assist you with this, reach out and they can help guide you and find the information you need.
  • Write a business plan- you can find excellent templates online
  • Understand your startup costs, and plan your finances
  • Determine your business structure (incorporated/partnership/sole proprietor)
  • What are your legal and insurance requirements
  • Create and register a business name, apply for the necessary permits and licenses and set up your HST/Payroll accounts
  • Open a business bank account
  • Set up your accounting Systems – there are a lot of choices, find one you are comfortable with and has the potential to grow with you and your business
  • Build a basic web presence
  • Build business partnerships- these are great networking tools, and a good partnership can also be an excellent opportunity for a mentoring relationship.

It seems overwhelming, but just work the process step by step. It’s a time to explore your creativity and build something awesome!